Renting From My 6-Year Old

Chris Bystriansky

Chris worked tirelessly in the corporate world for fifteen years, earning advanced degrees along the way and climbing the corporate ladder.


Despite success, he knew there was something more…


A better lifestyle and a better example for his kids.


He also wanted to leave a legacy for his family, something not available in the corporate world.


He set his sites on creating multiple income streams…


Then he developed a program which leveraged his education, corporate history and investment experience to teach his daughter the better way to create income.


RENTING FROM MY 6-YEAR-OLD is Chris’s story of transitioning from the corporate world to the investment world…


and then


Taking his daughter on a similar, yet accelerated, journey to overcome fear, develop the proper mindset and create income without the historical approach of school, job and retirement.


There is another way to financial freedom.


Are you ready?



Incredibly creative ways to teach complex financial concepts at a level a 6-year-old can understand!

Rye T.

A read which is Simple, Relatable, Humorous, Informative

William S.



I wish my parents taught me this growing up!

Tony C.

The book was amazing. A must add to your reading list.

Michelle C.