Renting from my 6-year-old

What Can I Do? I’m Just X.

My 6-Year-Old was sitting at the kitchen table the other day and I asked her how her jobs were going. 

“What jobs?” was her response.

I was just testing her to see how she would respond. Remember from the book that she no longer has jobs. 

I asked her how her assets were going.

“Great!” she responded.  Then she rattled off all her investments and the amount she makes off each one. 

I told her soon she’d be able to invest in much bigger assets, like Daddy. 

“I’m just a kid.  What can I do?” she responded.

What a fascinating statement. She was saying some form of “I don’t know what to do given my current circumstance.”  This is the same statement as any of the following:

  • I don’t have any time, what can I do?
  • I don’t have any money, what can I do?
  • I’m not qualified for X
  • I’m too young
  • I’m too old
  • I’m too whatever
  • I’m don’t have enough whatever

Well, let me say this. There is always something that can be done. There is always some way to get closer to your goals and dreams, no matter the situation. The first step is knowing there is something out there for you to achieve and the next step is to plant it in your mind. The mind will make the body act appropriately.  

So what can My 6-Year-Old do? What can anyone do?

How about surrounding yourself with people successful in your desired area or those who will make you better? This doesn’t even have to be a person that is close to you. Maybe it’s not even a live person. Someone who can make you think differently, take a different perspective, and teach you something will propel you forward.

I often learn many ideas and lessons from books, podcasts, trainings I attend via Zoom or in-person. Whenever I learn something valuable, I try to implement it as soon as possible – maybe it’s a better technique for endurance events or a new way to invest. The point is to keep your eyes and ears open for learning opportunities. 

My 6-Year-Old started listening to the morning success coaching 5-minute videos I watch each morning. At first, she objected but then over the course of a few weeks, the objections stopped and she started paying attention. 

So what can she do?  What can you do? 

Know that you have plenty of whatever to get the first steps done and after a little while you’ll have plenty of whatever to get the next step done.